Never piss off a trucker

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The Facebook group, made up of truck drivers, members of the U. According to the U. One of the group members whose spouse is a member of the U. If so, please send an email here. Your name will not be used in any follow-up article without your permission. On Monday, a FreightWaves poll on social media asked truckers if they were aware of the StopTheTires campaign and if they supported it.

Trucker group plans to ‘shut ’em down’ Wednesday in nationwide protest

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I've compiled a fairly comprehensive glossary of terms truckers use over their CB radios and put them into sentences so you can fully appreciate the unique rhythms and flowery cadence of trucker-speak. A few of these gems you may even try adopting as everyday colloquialisms. Glossary of Trucker-Speak Driver: A trucker. Only truckers are drivers. Seat cover: Passengers in your car. Suicide jockey: A driver hauling a dangerous substance, like fuel, explosives, etc. Keying up: Talking all the time on the channel, cutting other truckers off in the process.

The Secret (and Kinda Hilarious) Language of Truck Drivers

Most frustrating for me is the speed of conveyance. Take Middle Road in Chilmark. I often ride my bike on it and am bewildered. I understand that people need to get to work and being on time tends to be a motivator.
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