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The COVID pandemic affected just about everything we love to enjoy in group settings, from dining at restaurants to watching movies in theaters. For music fans, the lack of live performances was a huge loss; nothing compares to the communal energy of seeing your favorite artists perform. Not only was it a bummer that you couldn't catch a gig at a beloved local spot on any given night, it meant venues were at risk of closing and artists were stripped of the majority of their income since so much of their livelihood depends on touring. It also meant for a year of no music festivals, which—for fans who are always down to brave the heat in exchange for a full day of exciting sets—made summer feel a lot less like summer. As the pandemic improves in America with the rollout of vaccines and parts of the world begin to loosen its lockdown restrictions , many music festivals intended to return in with safety precautions in place. Aside from the typical outrageous fashion, busy water bottle-filling stations, and conflicting set times, it's currently hard to say what the large-scale events will look like this year.

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Sammy Woodhouse will feature in the true crime documentary on what it means to live with the trauma. Get the latest South Yorkshire news and updates delivered straight to your inbox - sign up for free email updates. Rotherham sex abuse victim Sammy Woodhouse is to feature in a new true crime documentary being fronted by Denise Welch. It will air on April 19 and explores what it means to live with the trauma of enduring and surviving horrific crimes and the incredible effort and courage required to rebuild a life in the aftermath. At the heart of each episode is the story of someone who has been forced to confront unimaginable horror and yet has lived to tell the tale.

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It tells the story of Sammy, a single mother living in a small Catskill Mountains town, and her complicated relationships with family and friends. The film and its performances received highly positive reviews among critics, and dozens of award nominations and awards at film festivals , and during awards season , including two Oscar nominations. As children, Sammy and Terry Prescott lose their parents to a car accident.
If Jay-Z had his way back in , this list would be too brief to warrant compiling. But the industry had different plans. His catalogue contains some of the most potent imagery and lucid storytelling about poverty and the desperation that it breeds, all while dominating mainstream pop music, in a delicate tightrope act that almost no one else has ever been able to manage for the span of time that Jay has.