Lesbian dating stories

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From the age of around 12, I got incredibly obsessed with good looking famous women. I would look up every detail about their lives, I thought I wanted to be like them but turns out I wanted to be on them…. I had a boyfriend from the age of 16 we stayed together until I was 22 yep, really repressed those feelings. When we broke up I did what anyone does after a breakup, ran off to another country, a country as far away as possible it seems… Australia.

How We Met – A Lesbian Love Story

23 Women Share First-Time Lesbian Stories and Experiences | Glamour

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5 Queer Women Reveal How Their First Date With A Woman Changed Everything

Every lesbian love story is beautiful, but ours is my favourite. You see, it was love at first sight. I remember rolling my eyes at the thought. Queue Natalie….
While my friends lapped that stuff up, I just wanted to spit it out. What I actually wanted to do was admit to myself who I really was. I was suffocating under the pressure I put on myself. For almost 10 years, I oscillated wildly between confusion and fear in regards to my sexuality, wrapping myself in lies as I went along. I dodged questions like that for far too long.