Leggs pantyhose ads

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Michael is going to tell us about how a brand can be born, grow to greatness, and die. Michael ran this account. Nothing is forever in brand land. He is also the tallest man in advertising.

The Birth, Life And Death Of L’eggs Pantyhose

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L'eggs is a brand of pantyhose , introduced in by Hanes , which radically changed the hosiery marketplace. The novel developments were the egg-shaped plastic product container, the shift to consignment sales in drug stores and groceries, and the in-store product racks designed to emphasize the egg shape. The brand logo hinted at a pair of chicks or eggs in the lettering. L'eggs was an immediate success, knocking out many competitors and becoming a tremendous profit stream for Hanes.

Pantyhose Ads

Hosiery was big business back when pantyhose, stockings, etc. Then, sometime in the s, hosiery took a nosedive in the U. They feel that good. So refreshing, like a wonderful massage.
Welcome to my pantyhose commercials page. My fascination with pantyhose began at a very young age as described in my first time story below. As much as I enjoy wearing pantyhose, the thing I love the most about them is how great they look on women. During this golden age, pantyhose ads seemed to be everywhere. Ads featured beautiful women showing off their sexy pantyhose clad legs with descriptions of how great the hose made their legs feel and look.