Girl anal ways

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Good news: Anal sex is becoming less and less taboo. Anal sex provides a different kind of fullness and can be really, truly intimate especially if it's a first for both of you. Another major perk? Some women even experience full-on anal orgasms.

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Aug 7, 5 comments. Many women see these two words together and cringe. There are many misconceptions about anal sex , and rumors of the pain and mess that anal sex can cause often scare people away from trying it. The first time is usually scary, disappointing, and some people may even hate it.

Anal Sex 101 (You're Welcome)

Q: My boyfriend has been talking to me about trying anal sex. I'm open to the idea, but I want to know more about how to prep for anal. Do we need to use a condom? Should I use the bathroom before?
Skip navigation! Story from Sex Tips. So you want to try anal sex.