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I was hungover and reading a Game of Throne s recap on my phone in a restaurant when NudeHouseCleaners. I was flabbergasted. I totally forgot," I sputtered, unsure of what the protocol for this sort of situation was. Unless you count putting someone else's gin and gingers on my tab until they are tipsy enough to wonder what my boobs are shaped like, I have never paid for someone to get naked in my house. And of all the unorthodox things you might have considered doing naked — playing RISK, cooking a salmon fillet or talking to your career advisor on the phone, for instance — cleaning is probably not one, if only due to the simple hazard of Mrs. Meyers products going anywhere near your genitals.

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When speaking to men who post sex-for-rent ads on Craigslist, I also discovered a niche market of those who offer to clean homes naked in London. If you're unfamiliar with Craigslist, this classifieds site offers everything from storage space to second hand skateboards. In the Household section, under Services, I found a spate of ads offering commando cleaning. I decided to speak to three of these men to find out what it was all about.