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Approximately 4. Romero ; Gallup Poll And, as we mentioned in a recent blog post, same-sex adoption is on the rise. In , 19 percent of same-sex couples raising children have at least one adopted child — up from just 8 percent in Good Housekeeping. This got us thinking about same-sex adoption by the numbers. There are more than , married same-sex couples in the U.

Five facts about LGBTQ+ fostering and adoption

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Maybe you've gone through the adoption process already and fancy yourself an expert on the topic. Mississippi was the last state in the country to legalize same-sex adoption. The District of Columbia ranks last, with 9 percent of same-sex couples raising children. Same-sex couples are four times more likely than straight couples to be raising an adopted child. In fact, in the United States around 16, same-sex couples are raising more than 22, adopted children. Same-sex parents are more likely to adopt a child of a different race than straight couples. One reason for this is that LGBT individuals are also more likely to be involved in an interracial couple than heterosexual couples.

LGBT adoption

Joint adoption by same-sex couples is legal in twenty-seven countries as well as several subnational jurisdictions and dependent territories. Furthermore, some form of step-child adoption is legal for same-sex couples in five countries. Given that constitutions and statutes usually do not address the adoption rights of LGBT persons, judicial decisions often determine whether they can serve as parents either individually or as couples. However, scientific research consistently shows that gay and lesbian parents are as fit and capable as heterosexual parents, and their children are as psychologically healthy and well-adjusted as those reared by heterosexual parents. The existing body of research on outcomes for children with LGBT parents includes limited studies that consider the specific case of adoption.
Get Free Info. We assist in many LGBTQ adoptions and have been honored to help hundreds of wonderful couples fulfill their dream of becoming parents. Same-sex adoption statistics suggest that more and more gay couples are adopting.