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On a busy Friday night at a fast food restaurant in a small town in Ohio, the restaurant's manager receives a phone call from someone who claims to be a police officer. The man says that one of her employees stole money from a customer and that that customer is sitting there with him along with the restaurant manager's district supervisor. The man tells the manager to bring the girl back into her office and go through her pockets and her purse. The manager complies and finds nothing. At this point, the man on the phone tells the manager that the employee must be strip-searched because she's probably hiding the money in her clothes. The manager is obviously reluctant to conduct such a search but the man on the phone convinces her that the alternative for the employee is an arrest and a night in jail and that an on-site strip search would be quicker and would clear things up on the spot.

How dozens of managers were conned into illegally strip-searching their employees

How dozens of managers were conned into illegally strip-searching their employees - Vox

Today a jury in Bullitt County, Ky. In , Ogborn, then an year-old McDonald's employee, was humiliated and forced to strip and then perform a sexual act in the back office during her workday. This horrifying ordeal changed Ogborn's life forever and put McDonald's on trial for its alleged failure to warn employees that a hoax caller was on the loose. Ogborn's mother had health problems and had recently lost her job, so the year-old did whatever she could to help make ends meet. On April 9, , Ogborn offered to work through the restaurant's evening rush, trying to be helpful and make a few extra dollars. But Ogborn couldn't have known that her noble gesture would turn into a terrifying ordeal that she says will haunt her for the rest of her life. Ogborn was called into assistant manager Donna Summers' cramped office and told that Summers was on the telephone with a police officer.

Strip-Search Case Victim Awarded $6.1 Million

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The strip search phone call scam was a series of incidents, mostly occurring in rural areas of the United States, that extended over a period of about twelve years, starting in The incidents involved a man calling a restaurant or grocery store, claiming to be a police officer and then convincing managers to conduct strip searches of female employees or in one case a customer , and to perform other bizarre acts on behalf of "the police". The calls were most often placed to fast-food restaurants in small towns. Over 70 such occurrences were reported in 30 U.