Eating ass in public

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Before TomorrowWorld washed away in a flood of Biblical proportions on Saturday night, and with it the sins of a generation, the Atlanta-adjacent EDM festival was the talk of the Internet for much more savory reasons: namely the below NSFW photo, which was posted on Facebook and went immediately viral. If you skipped that week in elementary school health class, what's going on above is commonly referred to as a "rimjob," and scientifically referenced as "analingus. The reactions to the photo have ranged from disgust to elation and have sparked a debate on whether or not this kind of thing is appropriate at a festival. According to Seth, the distinguishing feature isn't content eating ass in public , but context. He describes a scene at Berghain in Berlin where, "There was this big bear of a dude in assless leather chaps and a leather harness on the dance floor.

How to Eat Ass

Some Questions for That Viral Ass Eating Threesome at an EDM Festival

So maybe you've seen the video. It's from Ohio's Lost Lands Festival and it features two dudes laying back in the dirt as a pantyless woman shuffles between them, letting them go at her like labradors eating cereal. It's compelling viewing, but it actually wasn't the first ass eating video to emerge from Lost Lands. Actually, crazily, this one came first.

Some Questions for That Viral Ass Eating Threesome at an EDM Festival

Rimming is having a moment. The anus is the exterior portion, the rectum is the interior portion. The simple answer—because it feels good!
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