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Hood, David L. Snow, M. Ward, Aaron W. Smith; David Hamilton, Michael W. Celeste Clydesdale, David T. Love People.

Word for Word/Saving Themselves; What Teenagers Talk About When They Talk About Chastity

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Depending on whom you ask, Jaci Velasquez— the raven-haired, dark-eyed, year-old queen of Contemporary Christian Music— is either the new Amy Grant or new Selena. The boys paid close attention while the girls, at whom Velasquez is overtly marketed as a role model, made dismissively snippy remarks. Later, I asked one boy why he thought the girls had reacted so coldly. The top one gets you an error message. The bottom one gets you an e-mail form on which to list your needs.

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By , nearly one in four public school teachers said they taught about abstaining from sex until marriage as the only way to avoid pregnancy and disease, up from 1 in 50 in Abstinence courses tell youngsters to resist what they may feel are demands to give up their virginity, but the classes counter with their own brand of pressure, which celebrates chastity as proof of character. To the dismay of the nation's top health and H. No universally recognized studies have demonstrated that abstinence classes succeed in bringing more virgins to the marriage altar.
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