Czech amateur tube

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Czech Radioclub in short C. It is an independent, non-political and non-business organisation. Its Statutes guarantee direct influence of the members on democratic control of all common affairs. Czech Radioclub was established on 26th June as a legal successor of all previous amateur radio organisations in the Czech Republic and in Czechoslovakia. Czech Radioclub has about 2. There are about 2.

What is the Czech Radio Club

What is the Czech Radio Club | Český radioklub

English version Ceska verze Elsewhere on the Internet you can see the WWW pages of the Czech Radio Club - these express my notion of how the Internet presentation of a national amateur radio association might also appear. Readers ask why the pages are as they are and not otherwise - ideas vary from one person to another and depend on the disposition and experience of the "dear reader". Instead of an explanation, I shall provide a little information about myself: any profound thinker can then see why these pages unfortunately cannot and will not be any better Sometime around when I was thirteen years old, I was recruited into the amateur radio hobbyist scene by what was then the only Czechoslovak amateur radio magazine, Amaterske radio. I began to learn the Morse Code aided by a telegraph key made out of a children's building kit, a home-brew multivibrator with Germanium transistors and ancient Blaupunkt earphones from my grandfather's crystal set. Some members of my family had been HAMs since time out of mind and for a long time we kept a superheterodyne receiver, which my grandfather had built in the thirties, while one distant uncle was OK1XU both before and after the war - and I applied for this call sign as soon as it was possible

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