Blind date in ghazni

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Although the dynasty was of Central Asian Turkic origin, it was thoroughly Persianised in terms of language, culture, literature and habits [c] [10] [d] [11] and hence is regarded as a "Persian dynasty". Under the reign of Mas'ud I , the Ghaznavid dynasty began losing control over its western territories to the Seljuq dynasty after the Battle of Dandanaqan , resulting in a restriction of its holdings to modern-day Afghanistan, Pakistan Punjab and Balochistan. Two military families arose from the Turkic slave-guards of the Samanid Empire , the Simjurids and Ghaznavids, who ultimately proved disastrous to the Samanids. The Simjurids received an appanage in the Kohistan region of eastern Khorasan.

Blind Dates in Ghazni, Afghanistan

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He ascended the throne upon the death of his father Mahmud in He was the younger of a set of twins; this circumstance resulted in civil strife. Nine years later he was reinstated for a year before being slain by his nephew Maw'dud. According to Ferishta , his reign lasted only 50 days before he was blinded and imprisoned on the order of Ma'sud I. A year later he was executed by his nephew Maw'dud after losing a battle in Nangrahar. Mohammed was born along with his elder twin brother Mas'ud in at the Ghaznavid capital of Ghazni. In ca.

Blind date in Ghazni

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