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Her albums consisting primarily of pop , country , and adult contemporary music have sold over 55 million copies worldwide during her over year career. Murray was the first Canadian female solo singer to reach No. Anne has five brothers. Murray's father died of leukemia aged 72 in ; her mother died on April 10, , aged 92 after a series of strokes during heart surgery.

How this Asian country singer is taking over TikTok

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Trigger Random Notes 53 Comments. In fact was actually a banner year for Asian Americans contributing to country music, even if those contributions slid criminally under-the-radar. In fact, the influence of the East in country is quite fundamental. Hawaii and Polynesia is where the lap steel, and later the resonator and pedal steel guitar emerged from, and what is more indicative of country music than the twang of the steel guitar? Locals took a strange approach to the six-stringed instrument by turning it sideways, allowing for unique sounds, playing techniques, and tunings. So the resonator was invented, and eventually electric pickups and amplifiers to enhance the sound of these unique instruments that could emulate the bends and moans of a hillbilly singer, or the pining of a broken or lonesome heart. Amplifying the lap steel was also the official dawn of the electric guitar.

Shania Twain

Filipino-Brit Bea Kristi, aka Beabadoobee. Photo courtesy of Amir Hossain. Asian-American women are such a rarity in the music industry.
There's still plenty of work to be done when it comes to representation of Asian musicians in the industry. While the genre of K-Pop has become mega popular as of late with groups such as BTS continuing to make headlines. While there still aren't too many Asian musicians taking over the radio a number of singers, bands, and more are out there making a name for themselves. And we've compiled a handy-dandy list of them. Some of these artists make pop music that honors their heritage, some record low-fi tracks that incorporate their experiences as a member of the Asian community.