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This list is for films where at least one biker appears as a significant plot element. A bike in a film does not qualify for this list. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Wikipedia list article. This article needs additional citations for verification. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources.

10 great biker films

The Girl on a Motorcycle () - IMDb

The independent American motorcycle movie about a woman who buys a Moto Guzzi s with her wedding dress money is struggling to find distributors and is likely to go straight to video. She uses her wedding dress money to buy an old Guzzi that she has fallen in love with and then joins up with a group of riders of similar retro bikes for a mile ride through the pretty state of Minnesota in the summer riding season. Most of all, this motorcycle movie seems to understand bikes and bikers. Tretbar actually owns the lead bike. It spawned a raft of rip-off teen biker movies that were simply a waste of celluloid and cast bikers as shallow one-dimensional menaces to society. Easy Rider in turned the outcasts into multi-dimensional characters that we cared for despite depicting a drug-fueled bike experience.

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When Roger Corman's biker movie The Wild Angels was unleashed in theaters it made a killing at the box office, made a star out of Peter Fonda and spawned scores of similar exploitation movies. But I remember at the time being more fascinated by the bikers "old ladies" like Nancy Sinatra as "Mike" and the best of all was Joan Shawlee as Momma Monahan, the blowsy, tough, boozy, maternal mother of the gang. Fortunately directors saw the potential in beefing up the girl power angle and some pretty unforgettable grindhouse magic was made. Handsome Clyde Ventura went on to become a celebrated theater director but sadly Dixie Peabody only made one more film, "Night Call Nurses," before leaving acting behind. She-Devils On Wheels The godfather of the gore film Herschell Gordon Lewis "Blood Feast", "2, Maniacs" gives the cycle film a run for its money with this bonkers biker epic, beginning with the theme song: "Get off the road before we have crossed
A Film Like No Other. Syreena must investigate the disappearance of her mother, Cinderella. A series of wild complications follow. Miko Sugimoto is the leader of the Red Helmet Gang, a biker girl gang from Shinjuku who wind up in Kyoto and make a bid to take over the local girl gangs there. Welcome to Elliotsville.