Lick your rat

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Students can view a video of an actual mother rat nurturing her pups and view a video of Dr. Edit comment for material Lick Your Rats. This will delete the comment from the database. This operation is not reversible. Are you sure you want to do it? Would you like to be notified when it's fixed?

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Licking Rat Pups: The Genetics of Nurture » the nerve blog | Blog Archive | Boston University

What would happen if humans were like turtles — alone at birth with no mom to guide them back home? For many animal species, instinct guides survival. But for humans and other mammal species, nurture as an infant is crucial to our development. Weaver et al investigated the phenomenon of nurture in rats. They noted that some rat moms extensively licked and groomed their pups, while others ignored their pups. Pups that received attention during the first week of life grew up to be happy and calm, while those that were ignored grew up to be anxious, and were more prone to disease.

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